The Cricket Inn has been many things during its lifetime however it originally start out as a farm house in 1865where is was owned by a W. Green.

During its farmhouse days the Cricket Inn saw the construction of the Totley Tunnel, this was part of a project that linked Sheffield and Manchester by rail. The tunnel was completed in 1893 however it had not been an easy build! According to one newspaper the tunnel workers were in possession of “the miraculous power of Moses, for whenever a rock was struck, water sprang out of it.” It was reported that at least 26,000 gallons were pumped away by the hour during the work in 1889. The owner of the Cricket Inn, John Aston, must have thought the workers needed a refreshing alcoholic drink after all that work (and actual water tipping down on them!) as the farmhouse was turned into a licensed public house in 1889. 

Whilst the workers and their families were extremely appreciative of the beer and warmth the pub had to offer they couldn’t escape the conditions of the tunnel and the disease and dangers that were a constant presence! Reports of trench foot, small pox and typhoid were a constant in the village and surrounding area. So much so that the Cricket Inn itself was turned into a mortuary. They were laid out in the room where the smoker is now placed, so please don’t be scared if something falls off the table “by accident”.

After the completion of the tunnel it was supposedly the 2nd longest tunnel in the UK at the time, the first passenger train went through in 1894.

Since the completion of the tunnel the Cricket Inn has had many different owners, including our very own Richard Smith’s relation (his grandfather’s cousin) When Richard and Thornbridge took over the pub it felt like 1889 all over again! The week we moved in the great floods of Sheffield started! (The period where the UK 8 years ago looked more like Atlantis than the rolling hills and countryside we are so used to!) 

However we powered on through, pumped out the water and set up the beer pumps and now the pub looks better than ever even if we do say so ourselves!